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Sweden Elite Baseball Academy

  • A development program for baseball players aged from 25-16 years, SEBA will aim for the ability to provide 4 training camps annually. These camps will be divided having the U19 (16-19 years) and U25 (20-25 years) camps on separate days. Off season camps with a focus on "1-on-1" coaching, "in season" camps with more focus on internal matches and match coaching. Feedback after training matches and training camps from SEBA coaches to all participants.

  • SEBA will act as mentors for club coaches during the camps to initiate and maintain coaching methods and aids / tools to facilitate and develop support for the players

  • SEBA Coach Convention is annually held during a weekend during the months of November-December, inviting Swedes and foreign lecturers targeting leaders of the age groups 25-16 years.

  • SEBA utilises only the best up to date technology to acheive the most effective feedback during and after training camps.This equipment includes  Radar guns, high speed camera, Rapsodo (hiting / pitching) and BLAST.

  • National team coaches are included in the camps to provide the highest level of training possible.

Tony Klarberg

Tony Klarberg

Project Manager/Projektansvarig SEBA

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